Better Places for People

Put wellbeing at the heart of your building.

Better Places for People is a global campaign that aims to create a world in which buildings support healthier and happier lives for those who occupy them.

The campaign, led by the World Green Building Council, aims to raise awareness of how buildings impact upon health and wellbeing, and encourage those who design, build, own, occupy, operate or sell them, to shape buildings for the benefit of people.

Building upon evidence linking office design with health and wellbeing outcomes for

employees, the campaign will focus on a range of building types including retail stores, offices and residential buildings.

It will also move beyond simply linking design and outcomes. By demonstrating how maximizing health and wellbeing in buildings presents a win-win for both business and the environment, Better Places for People aims to drive real, on-the-ground action and increase the uptake of greener, healthier buildings.

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