Green Design & Certification Consulting

Guidance to the overall process and coordination of the team, consultants and client expectations for green projects;


Early evaluation of project‐specific green strategy feasibilities ‐ quantified and qualified through modelling and site specific data – to inform decision making process, focus team efforts, manage budget/financial expectations, and set measurable goals;


Education and design guidance to team supported by metrics, computer modelling, sustainable design best practices, and experience;


Manage the accreditation submission process – advise and coordinate team, provide and track documentation necessary for accreditation.


Contribute to the sustainability content of the project's marketing and communication - e.g. develop Building Users' Guides; press releases


Submission Peer-Reviews - using Assessor experience, projects can have final submission documentation reviewed, and feedback provided, prior to submitting to the GBCSA.  This helps avoid errors and omissions to improve results - particularly useful for Round 2 submissions. 


Produce Documents and provide guidance:

     Construction Waste Management Plans

     Operational Waste Management Plans

     Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

     Building Users' Guide

     Occupant Comfort Surveys

     Acoustical Guidelines

     Green Leases